European Parliament resolution on Venezuela sanctions

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In light of the situation in Venezuela, the European Parliament has adopted Resolution 2018/2559(RSP) in which it (inter alia):

(1)   Strongly condemns “the decision by the Venezuelan authorities to expel the Spanish Ambassador in Caracas and declare him ‘persona non grata’” (see previous blog here);

(2)   Considers the imposition by the EU Council of “the arms embargo, and the sanctions levied against seven Venezuelan officials to be appropriate measures in response to grave breaches of human rights and democracy, but calls for them to be extended against those mainly responsible for the increased political, social, economic and humanitarian crisis, namely the President, the Vice-President, the Minister of Defence, members of the high military command, and members of their inner circles, including family members”; and

(3)   Stresses that, “if the human rights situation continues to deteriorate, further diplomatic and economic actions…

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